Digital Transformation Consultant Terms Of Reference


ARB Apex Bank is embarking on a Digital Transformation Project to enable the organization to deliver innovative digital services to the Rural and Community Banks (RCBs) and their customers. The project requires the assessment and upgrade of the current IT infrastructure and business applications and their alignment with the ARB Apex Bank Digital Transformation strategy.

Recruitment Of An Agency Banking Consultant Terms Of Reference


The ARB Apex Bank’s Agency Banking Project seeks to design and implement an effective distribution channel for financial services by utilizing a shared agency banking network. The project will also seek to support the existing network of RCBs branches to provide banking services to a larger customer base at lower costs and maximum profitably. The main objective of the agent network is to provide multiple products and payment facilities through a single agent network interconnected to the RCBs network, in order to better reach under-served/under-banked segment of the population, as well as to promote a cashlite culture.