Remittance Services

Domestic Money Transfer



ApexLink is an instant domestic money transfer product developed to address the money transfer needs of people within the rural communities and peri-urban centres. It provides an opportunity to transfer money to all parts of the country through the network of rural and community banks dotted all over Ghana with over 800 outlets.


You need not carry money when travelling to make purchases.  You can transfer it using Apexlink and collect it at your destination.


Walk into any rural and community bank or any of the ARB Apex Bank offices and enjoy an unforgettable banking experience.




Foreign Money Transfer


Western Union

We provide the largest outlet for Western Union payment across the country through our ARB Apex Bank offices and of the rural banks scattered over the country.


Western union money transfer is available near you through our over 640 outlets of rural and community bank near you.



Come to any of our numerous outlets for your MoneyGram remittance collection. We have outlets dotted across the entire country through our network of rural and community banks. We have over 530 access outlets where you can collect your remittance. MoneyGram collection made easy and fast at our outlets.