Apex Microfinance Capacity Support (AMCS)

This service is aimed at supporting the microfinance staff of the rural banks to sharpen their skills to effectively manage their microfinance operations inorder to achieve sustainability, impact and increased outreach. In addition AMCS undertakes microfinance need assessments for the rural banks and further helps in the setting up or streamlining of microfinance operations of the rural banks.


Microfinance Fund Management Services

Objective: To ensure the improvement of microfinance activities within the rural banking sector to enhance sustainability, outreach and impact of the rural banks for sustainable rural development - Microfinance Fund Management services: This is a window through which government, donors, corporate institutions and other collaborating partners that are interested in giving support to the poor in order to help reduce poverty channel funds through the Apex /rural banks to targeted clients


Apex Microfinance On Lending Funds

This product is designed to assist rural banks to expand their microfinance activities by taking up loans from the Apex Bank to finance their microfinance clients.


Project Sensitization: This is meant to provide information on new projects and products to participating microfinance institutions as well as the targeted clients on the modalities and objectives of any project or intervention to enhance economic opportunities