Time With Managing Director

"Time with the Managing Director" - The event, organised by the Bank’s local Union of Industry, Commerce and Finance Workers (UNICOF) of Ghana Trade Union Congress, was held under the theme: "ARB Apex Now and the ARB Apex in the Future". It was held as an interactive programme for the staff of the Bank to interact with the MD, who has been in office for barely eight months now, to share in his vision and deliberate on ways to return the Bank to profitability by the end of his term of office.

Mr. Kojo Mattah outlined his targets and goals as well as urging the staff to join forces with him in order to make the bank profitable again.


According to him, it is his expectations that most of these plans to recapitalize the RCBs and the intension to support government’s policies is likely to materialize at the end of the first quarter, barring any delays.


Mr. Mattah, who assumed the mantle some eight months ago, stated that the essence of the staff gathering was to interact with the staff and share his vision to them on what he intends to do in the next two to three years and also deepen the bonding and strive to become a better team.


Roderick O. Ayeh, the local union chairman at Apex Bank, explained the rationale for the staff gathering, suggesting that unions play a critical role in the productivity of the bank. “Largely we want to understand the dream of the leader so we can buy into it and run with it”.

He also added that it is planned to be a yearly programme in order to interact with the manager and share in his vision and goals.


The Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Dr. Yaw Baah, who was a guest at the event, appealed to the staff of Apex Bank to stay together and support the vision of management.


“The foundation you build today will determine what you said you want to become in future, follow through you long term plan and the kind of commitment that will be generated by the leadership you can achieve far,” he said.


The event was also used to launch a 10 point staff pledge, which is intended to reorient and improve work ethics to better serve their customers.